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Vanilla forums help

In any community, email is an essential tool to communicate with your members. Sometimes it may get overlooked as a feature but there are some important aspects regarding email and email settings that are important to take note of. Before you launch your community, you will want to review your outgoing email settings. By default, the outgoing email is the same email used for your Vanilla Forums account.

It will also become the email address that all new users will see when they receive emails from your community, including any notifications they have subscribed to.

Pricing & Plans

If the email used is not something you want public, you should change it before you launch your community. To modify the email address displayed, you can make an update in your Vanilla Forums dashboard. You will find the settings page under the menu item "Outgoing Email". Once on that page, you will be presented with the following screen. Update it to an email address that you are comfortable letting users receive emails from. Also, make sure to give it a meaningful name so users know it's from your community.

Email notifications are options, you and your community members can use to control how they are notified. While some users prefer to be notified by our growl pop-ups, some may prefer to be notified by email. To see or modify these settings, you and your community members can access their individual "notification preferences" on their profile page.

The following is an example of what this pages looks like. If you are an Admin, please note that category notifications on your preference page is on by default for you only. Your mods and regular members will not have this option.

Email is sent via a 3rd party transactional email service that employs a full time postmaster and ensures that their sending IP addresses are always in good standing with ISPs. If notifications are not getting through your corporate email server, add "include:sendgrid. As you can see, having your email settings right before you launch is crucial so you don't have any surprises.

It's also an important aspect to grow and communicate with, and between your community members. We wish you speedy delivery!

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Topics: ProductNews. Send us an email to pr vanillaforums. Why Vanilla Why Community? Vanilla Forums Community Blog Expert advice on managing online communities — for customer service, peer-to-peer collaboration, ideation, and more — from community managers and customer success pros just like you.

Find me on: LinkedIn Twitter. Outgoing Email Setting Before you launch your community, you will want to review your outgoing email settings. What are notifications? What do I need to know?

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Comments by Vanilla. Related posts. Subscribe to the Community Corner Newsletter and get expert insight and analysis on how to get the most out of your online community every Friday. Search this blog.Let members single sign-on from a WordPress site to Vanilla and use Vanilla as your commenting system.

Create tickets in your Zendesk account directly from Vanilla. Integration guide. Turn a comment in Vanilla into an issue in GitHub. Connect to several repositories in your GitHub account. Connect Vanilla and Salesforce. Escalate forum comments to Cases and Leads in Salesforce.

See the integration guide. Vanilla integrates with the most popular content filtering services to keep your community Spam free. Find out more. Vanilla supports the most popular social logins including Facebook, Twitter, LinkedIn, Steam and more. Monitor and reply to discussions happening in Vanilla from the Hootsuite Dashboard. Create multiple streams based on categories and keywords.

Integrate Vanilla to your favorite apps. Vanilla's integrations make it easy to share data or extend functionality. Zendesk Create tickets in your Zendesk account directly from Vanilla.

Spam Filters Vanilla integrates with the most popular content filtering services to keep your community Spam free. MailChimp Push member email addresses to your MailChimp account. Close Search Close. Why Vanilla Why Community? Services Overview Migrate to Vanilla.The number of page views allocated to each plan level is designed to avoid overages for a typical customer.

Overages apply if you go significantly over the plan limit. Staff users are users that are employed by your company and are assigned a Role that lets them administer or moderate the community. Yes, Vanilla offers services to help configure your community, migrate your data from an existing platform, create a custom theme or help integrate to your website, app or game.

Our sales representatives can put together a pricing plan that suits your specific needs. Auto-suggested results and filter on title, tags, author, date, etc. Use a member's Gravatar avatar if they've configured one. Add extra fields to member profiles and registration form.

Local Setup Quickstart - Vanilla Success

Displays a list of members participating in a discussion. Users can react to posts. Reactions give points and drive reputation. Members can sign up with their Social Media credentials. Adds pretty syntax highlighting to source code posted in your forum. Pull local theme files from Git to your stage and prod accounts.

Create sub-communities based on language or product lines. Quickly spawn new forum instances via API or the Dashboard. Data is compressed, and served from a nearby point-of-presence. Call Business Essential community software.

vanilla forums help

Request Demo. View All Features.

vanilla forums help

Most Popular. Enterprise For enterprises and large communities. Add Ons. Additional security and compliance features. Vanilla will issue an invoice which can be paid by credit card, cheque or bank transfer. Yes, we have migrated hundreds of communities from dozens of other platorms.

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Engaging Community Software A branded customer community should be tightly integrated, easy to use, great looking and engaging. Your CRM vendor's mvp just won't do. Features Business Corporate Enterprise.

Not sure what plan to use? Close Search Close. Why Vanilla Why Community? Services Overview Migrate to Vanilla.Vanilla is a Canadian software company founded in in MontrealQuebecCanada. It is both a cloud-based SaaS community forum software and an open source community supported software. Since there is also a cloud-hosted version offered by Vanilla.

Vanilla's open source project was released on 1 Julyand has since undergone many changes, the most notable being the complete rewrite between Vanilla OSS and Vanilla Cloud, the latter of the two became the primary product and Vanilla 1 was passed into the hands of other developers. Vanilla is designed to bring forums back to their roots, providing core functionality with additional features such as emoticons available as plugins.

Vanilla Cloud is funded in part by a custom, non-distributed hosted implementation of the software run as a commercial SaaSby Vanilla Forums, Inc. Hosted plans offer many features from the open source version with additional premium add-ons supported by the core team.

The following items describe the open source version:. Mark O'Sullivan created an early version of Vanilla to support his own online graphic design and programming community. Vanilla increased in popularity and was invited to TechStars in Boulder. Vanilla OSS has a very lightweight core with a number of optional plugins, including chat, private messages, "Who's Online", and attachments.

Garden is the PHP framework on which Vanilla Cloud is built, and deployed with, but can also be used as an MVC framework in its own right, and has a convention-based folder structure.

When downloading a Vanilla release, it is packaged in Garden as an application. Garden can be developed on via 'Addons' of applications, plugins, themes, and locales. Each application follows the MVC paradigm, and applications are typically placed in the applications folder, plugins in plugins folder, and so on.

Applications can be extended by plugins and themes, these mainly use a combination of convention based file structure, configuration, and event hooks. Pluggability is a core feature of the framework, as is object-oriented programmingso the application and core is mainly extended via plugin classes using a public method naming convention to denote event hooks, 'magic event' hooks, 'magic methods', and occasionally method overrides.

Some general functions in the core can be overridden by predefining them. In addition, locales can be used to translate into different languages, or variations of text, which are replaced by reference.

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The hosted version of Vanilla runs on the newest version of Vanilla. It also provides features that are held back from the community edition usually people who are self-hosting their forum. This leads to ongoing discussions in Vanilla's own community forums. There have been numerous discussions in the past about the business model and why certain features have been held back.

From Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia. Free and open-source software portal. This article needs additional citations for verification. Please help improve this article by adding citations to reliable sources.

Unsourced material may be challenged and removed. Rackspace Hosting. The Globe and Mail. Vanilla Forums. IT World Canada. Vanilla Forums Blog.Vanilla Forums Cloud, is a cloud based community software, with a modern take on community.

Below are a few of the features you can find in Vanilla Forums:. You will want to have a Zendesk account and a Vanilla Forums hosted account. Once you have both here, as the steps to connect the two systems:. We have also put together a comprehensive guide with screen shots, which you can download here. Important: Apps from Zendesk Labs are experimental and are provided as-is, with no support. Vanilla Forums. Get set up. Description How to set up.

Below are a few of the features you can find in Vanilla Forums: Themes: Completely customize the look and feel, beyond just header and footer.

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Gamification and reputation system: More than just badges, the reputation engine can be used to promote good content, grant member abilities, and help automate moderation. SSO can be configured to be seamless with your existing system. Permissions: Control fine-grained, role-based permissions that can be assigned on a per-discussion-category basis. Assign multiple roles to individual users. Spam Prevention: Powerful tools to keep your community forum free of spam.

Once you have both here, as the steps to connect the two systems: Ensure you have the Zendesk Add-on enabled in your Vanilla Forums dashboard. Copy the Unique Identifier and Secret, which you will need to enter in your Vanilla Forums dashboard on the Zendesk settings page. Sign in to review. Select account to install this app:.

Learn more about enabling apps in Zendesk Sell No Account yet? Sign up for a free trial.A branded community can be a powerful tool to connect with customers or provide better support.

At the same time a community is not something you can just "build" and hope people will come. It takes work and planning. That being said, here are 5 key tips help ensure that when you launch your new community, that it's not only successful, but vibrant and thriving. All great things start with planning. Make sure you are choosing the right solution by planning out exactly what you need, for example, the topic or niche you wish to serve.

Choose something people will be able to connect with or engage with. Some things to keep in mind when you're in your planning stage include:. You cannot create a successful community without spending some time thinking about these things.

Just setting up a community and hoping people show up is a recipe for failure.


Every company has fans or people who appreciate their products. You should identify these customers and invite them to help you before you launch. Use the incentives of gamificationsuch as giving them a beta tester badge, but more importantly listen to their feedback. It will help solidify ideas or provide suggestions on how you move forward. Involving strong advocates early will also make them feel part of the process and when the community goes live, these individuals will have a stake in it.

Identify who the person on your team or company "owns" the success for your community and will lead your community.

vanilla forums help

They should take the lead role on promoting or planning, recruiting new users and assuring you have the proper resources to manage the community. To help you with this step, I'd recommend taking a look at the C.

O Framework. It's a simple 5 word acronym with lots of power. O plan for success:. This framework will not only help you to determine who the best people are to own the success of the community this goes hand-in-hand with the c oncept aspectbut it will also help you determine how the "success" itself is determined and measured. If you haven't already identified what KPIs should be measured to report on the success of your community, you might want to take a look at the CAKE framework.

Regardless of who ultimately owns the success of your community, they'll need to be equipped with the right tools to measure and report on community progress.

vanilla forums help

Having the right tools in place to do this is something that you'll want to look into, as it'll help you determine whether your community is meeting its KPIs. Listen to your community for ideas. As time goes on you will get lots of feedback from the community.Discussions Activity Best Of Howdy, Stranger!


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