Store keeper resume doc c technology c business diagram base

Writing a monthly report serves as an important tool for communicating your achievements and ongoing projects to your employer. The report creation process can also provide you and your team with accountability as you assess your most recent performance and productivity levels.

store keeper resume doc c technology c business diagram base

Monthly reports should generally be brief, but also comprehensive, listing major activities and actions taken, as well as goals for the upcoming month. To ensure that anyone reading your report understands what it's about, be sure to title and label the report clearly and accurately, with critical information such as the type of report, the time period covered by the report, the date of report submission, department or team name and your own name.

Before submitting your first monthly report, find out from your supervisor whether there's a specific template you should use.

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If your company or department doesn't have a template, ask your supervisor if he has any preferences regarding the construction of your report. Use bulleted lists to briefly present all that has been accomplished during the month, as well as the status of any ongoing projects.

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Your monthly report should also describe the planning that you're doing for the upcoming month. While this doesn't have to be a lengthy section, it should reinforce that you, and your team, have set challenging goals for the near future.

When appropriate, provide a summary of where things stand either for your team or in your own work.

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January was a productive month for the compliance team. We completed our review of state regulations on appraisal licensing, submitted three course approval applications to state regulatory bodies, received course approval from two states, attended a networking event in California and completed a nine-month certification process so we can move forward in developing continuing education programs.

Special credit goes to Julie Connor for her diligent work in contacting 50 regulatory boards by phone and email to ensure that our data was accurate. Lainie Petersen is a full-time freelance writer living in Chicago.

Her writing focuses on business, career and personal finance issues. By Lainie Petersen Updated July 01, How to Write Supervising Employees in an Application.

store keeper resume doc c technology c business diagram base

Tip Before submitting your first monthly report, find out from your supervisor whether there's a specific template you should use. Completed line-by-line review of each state's regulatory requirements for appraisal licensing. Received course approval from Alabama and Georgia. Attended industry conference in California.The following resume sample presents various responsibilities and key skills that a storekeeper should have.

Feel free to copy and edit the provided sample of storekeeper resume to apply the job you want. A storekeeper keeps record of what goes in and out of the store; they take inventory of goods in the store and also record sales of goods that go out of the store.

To be able to carry out the functions of a store keeper properly, you must have enough knowledge of the products you are in charge of, have knowledge about the company you work for and have good human relations too. If a customer asks information about any product in your care, you should be able to give the adequate answer to the customer.

A storekeeper should also have good mathematical knowledge to be able to make quick calculations, apply discounts, report sales expenditure etc.

Finally, a storekeeper must have good organizational skills and make sure the store is kept clean all the time.

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Offer exceptional qualifications in creating effective marketing strategies and plans to increase sales, capitalize on growth opportunities and maintain profitable retail operation. Recognized as an empowering manager, adept at training and developing employees to foster than unity toward fulfillment to corporate target goals.

Excel at establishing win-win relationship and addressing diverse customer needs by providing innovative solutions and ensuring utmost satisfaction. Display proven effectiveness to multitask in a fast-paced environment with dedication to superior service. Good luck and get the right job soon. Skip to content The following resume sample presents various responsibilities and key skills that a storekeeper should have.This is to inform all concerned that YuvaJobs.

We never ask to pay money for any job or to get the job. Jobseekers are advised not to indulge in any monetary engagement with such sources in the name of guaranteed interviews with employers. Apply for any job from YuvaJobs. Post Resume Employers. Top MNC Jobs.

store keeper resume doc c technology c business diagram base

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Professional Storekeeper Resume Sample

Reliance Quality Analyst. Cognizant Projects Associate.First of all it is necessary to understand who a Store Keeper is and what are his jobs. A Store Keeper can be the owner or a hired person of or for the store.

It is his responsibility to maintain, organize and manage a store or a shop, although the job can extend to ordering, receiving, inventory, issuing, shipping etc. The prime requisite for this job is a good moral character, focus, dedication and sense of responsibility. As your resume if your first interface with the owner or the employer, make sure you pay considerable attention towards writing good resume.

The template for the Store Keeper Resume that we have designed is a perfect example. It has all the important point to attract the attention of the employer over other pile of resumes. Finally adding verified references to your resume is definitely going to add to the worth of your resume. Like to be a part of your esteemed organization that will utilize my Education, Experience and Problem Solving Skills and secure a Management Career Position.

Currently Working. This sample resume is for the post of Secretary Cum Store Keeper. The prime requisite for this job is good moral character and sense of responsibility. A store keeper works to maintain, organize and manage a store or a shop. Your Secretary Cum Store Keeper resume is your first meeting with the employer, pay considerable attention to it.

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Entail all the necessary information with your previous experiences. Highlight your expertise in eloquent talking as a store keeper has to greet and communicate with the people from every walk of life all the time. Below we have given you an example of such a Secretary Cum Store Keeper resume that should help you to create an impressive resume.

Finally adding verified references to your Secretary Cum Store Keeper resume is definitely going to add to the worth of your resume. Resume is your first interface with the recruiter. It is your very introduction, invest good time in making effective and persuasive resume.

The resume sample given below is created by the experts keeping all the crucial points of the employer in mind. There are some basic tactics to make your resume stand upon other pile of resumes; firstly make it as much reader-friendly as possible. Use right font size and style to make the reader read without much effort. The details about your qualification and experience should be precise but not too lengthy to force the reader glide through or not too short to give him an impression of scanty or neglected resume.

Your picture should be updated and clear. And lastly references their addresses and immediate contact numbers would seal your success in getting the job.

The information, although, is totally fake and is mostly put there to give you ideas about presenting yourself. Frequent use of bullets is practiced as it makes the reader to have a precise idea about your point of view without really stressing on to it.

Text formatting is avoided in order to abstain the content from over emphasis. The text is created in MS Word and can be easily modified and edited there. See also.Objective:A result oriented and Assertive individual seeking to achieve aims and goals of the organization with complete dedication, diligence, professionalism, discipline and spirit of team work while aspiring to take on higher.

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Proect on:-Tanda Thermal Power Project. In Doha Qatar from 29 September to 25 Oct. Having good Knowledge of computers and comfortable with Internet. Maintained store facilities to ensure smooth functioning Made arrangements and placed orders for new stock and supplies whenever necessary.

Received deliveries of new equipment and ensured that all the supplies were in proper order Stored the supplies and items received in their designated place.

Issued supplies as per the demand of the clients and maintained records of. To maintain proper records. To initiate purchase requisitions for the replacement of stock of all regular stores items whenever the stock level of any item of store approaches the minimum limit fixed in respect thereof. To initiate action for stoppage of further purchasing when the stock level approaches the maximum limit. To check and receive purchased materials forwarded by the receiving department and to arrange for the storage in appropriate places.

To reserve a particular material for a specific job when so required. To check the book balances, with the actual physical stock at frequent intervals by way of internal control over wrong issues, pilferage, etc. Excellent Technical Skill. Good problem solving ability and analytic skill to solve the problem efficiently. Good deliver output in less time without losing efficiency. Date: Place:. Learn more about Scribd Membership Home.

Read free for days Sign In. Much more than documents. Discover everything Scribd has to offer, including books and audiobooks from major publishers. Start Free Trial Cancel anytime. Store Keeper Resume. Uploaded by shahid hussain. Document Information click to expand document information Date uploaded Jun 20, Did you find this document useful? Is this content inappropriate? Report this Document. Flag for Inappropriate Content. Download Now.

Related titles. Carousel Previous Carousel Next. Jump to Page.Responsible for handling the warehouse operations. Stocking of products and arranging them in the appropriate manner is my duty. I also look over the employees of the store to see that all work is done properly.

I look after the store shelves and check setting of products according to batch numbers. It is my duty to send back and exchange all damaged products. Responsible for using the computerized product inventory for ordering stock and then storing it in the back store. I was also in charge of handling the home delivery orders.

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It was my duty to take down the order on telephone and then packing the products. I was in charge of creating purchase orders and handling the reciepts. Inserting data of sales and purchases in the computer was also my responsibility. I took care of the cash register in the absence of the cashier. I was a part of the training program for employees which focused on delivering better customer service.

Home Resume Samples Storekeeper. Storekeeper Resume Sample. The following Storekeeper sample resume is created using Stylish Resume Builder. Click the button below to make your resume in this design. Jim Gordon. Hard working, responsible and able to work for long hours; I have an experience of over a decade in store keeping.

I have been able to manage store operations with ease and have worked in standing position for long hours.

store keeper resume doc c technology c business diagram base

I have taken care of stocking, inventory check and aisle setting well. I seek to work for a bigger retailer so that I can grow and contribute to the company in the best possible way. Work Experience. Jun - Present Grocer's Market. Feb - May Super Stores Ltd. Jan - Jan Church Welfare Store. Responsible for stocking products according to their expiration and category. I was also in charge of following instructions and setting products on the shelves in the store. Recieved training for stocking and computer programmes that aid the operations of retail.

Meet People. Customer Relations 1. English UK. Date of Birth.Toggle navigation. Help Preferences Sign up Log in.

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