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Ff9 discs

Final Fantasy IX moves into the CoN roster as the newest game we cover in terms of its original release, at least! It is perhaps fitting that here at CoN "newest" is something of an irony, for Final Fantasy IX itself has always been recognized as a convalescence of old and new, pushing boundaries for the series' future while reaching back to become one of the truest successors to the original feel of a Final Fantasy.

This is, no doubt, why it remains a favorite with many of us here. Final Fantasy IX, as it has been called many times over the years, is a loving homage to the Final Fantasy games of yore in its characterizations, settings, and in fact explicit winks back to its predecessors. The game was far from a passive retrospective, however. It was the last Final Fantasy with static backgrounds, yet with level of visual detail hitherto unprecedented in the series; it was the last Final Fantasy without voice acting, yet it expanded the palette of character emotions and narrative tone.

It calls back to the melodrama of previous Final Fantasy games, never taking itself too seriously with its sometimes-odd minigames or quests and its self-aware construction as theatre within its own theatre. It's a realized world that turns outside the purview of its main characters while still keeping the focus where it must be: on you, the player. It's a game whose hold on your emotions builds stealthily as you progress. The Caves of Narshe Final Fantasy IX section is full of character, weapon, and armor information; walkthroughs and miniguides; fanart and more.

Our guides cover the original PlayStation release, mobile releases, and the newest Steam port. Thanks be to Square Enix for keeping the changes between versions quite small this time around, eh? Now, that said, if you're coming to us with your mobile device in hand or with the game running on your PC, you might find one thing a little confusing - discs! You see, Compact Discs, also called "CDs," are little round plastic doohickeys that once went into your gaming machines to show you wondrous games.

The original Final Fantasy IX came on four CDs and at certain points in the game you'd need to switch them out to continue the story. We've kept that "disc" nomenclature around both for the gamers on the original platform, but also to help divide up the game a bit more into sections. You can see it most obviously in the walkthrough, but if you're looking for a particular item or event and you can't find it, the odds are good that you'll be returning to that location later in the game and can look for it then.

If you're ever confused, refer back to the walkthrough to see exactly where you can do what you're looking for. In sum, we hope you will find in your experience of our Final Fantasy IX section, much like in the game itself, a mix of the old and the innovative; the well-remembered and the newly-discovered; the memories of past playthroughs and the excitement of setting out again.

About Spoilers Button Names. Latest FF9 Forum Topics. XV Sequels. XIV Expansions. Kill the Series.Experience the adventure once again with characters and pre-rendered movies featured in high definition, as well as a new booster system with a selection of various modes such as "high speed" or "no encounters"! Please note the following: - This application is not supported on the Surface. Performance is not guaranteed. At the name input screen, please select Confirm to progress.

To their surprise, however, the princess herself yearned to escape the castle. Through a series of unusual circumstances, she and her personal guard, Steiner, fall in with Zidane and set out on an incredible journey. Meeting unforgettable characters like Vivi and Quina along the way, they learn about themselves, the secrets of the Crystal, and a malevolent force that threatens to destroy their world. When fully mastered, these abilities can be used even without equipping items, allowing for nearly endless customization options.

When fully charged, your characters will enter Trance mode, granting them powerful new skills! Combine two items or pieces of equipment together and make better, stronger items! You can even earn special item rewards! I reset my system and it fixed it. This is Final Fantasy at its finest. Then they do not include anything for you to actually see what you are giving them permission to access.

Then if you say no well kick rocks your not allowed to play a single player offline game. The game launches and asks for privacy permissions to even start the game, won't let you launch without agreeing to them, and won't even tell you what it's asking for permissions for.

This is my favorite Final Fantasy game in the series, but I will not hand over my privacy to access it. Cannot recommend purchasing, downloading through Game Pass, etc. Play it elsewhere. Yeaaaa no Won't let you play without giving it permission to grab your personal info.

Can it get any lower than that? There is no legitimate reason for a single player game to want access to my friends list.Final Fantasy IX has a large number of sidequests and minigames. The largest of these we've split out to be on their own pages, of course, to make it easier for you to find and read. If you're not finding what you're looking for here, try the Minigames page instead. This sidequest can only be finished starting on disc three, but cannot be finished at all if you haven't handed them over before switching to disc four, making your window of opportunity rather brief.

The person who lives at the base of Observatory Mountain near Dali, Morrid, will say he'll trade his Mini-Prima Vista model to Zidane if the three rare coffee beans he's always wanted to try are given to him. This item isn't an actual thing that goes into the inventory, but one of four little 'figurines' that will appear in Tantalus' hideout, in the Lindblum Theater District, once you've earned 'em.

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Their locations:. Although not really a minigame, or a sidequest, this house of bargaining is first accessible on Disc 2 and gives rare items if your pocketbook can handle the bidding. It's also the avenue by which Excalibur is obtained: for more on that, see the next section below. Here are the items arranged by the disc on which they become available. Note, however, that the Promist Ring doesn't become available until you've obtained the Blue Narciss.

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Same for the Thief Gloves. Excalibur is a sword for Steiner. It's only his third-best, but it also teaches the Climhazzard ability.

Furthermore, it's considerably easier and quicker to obtain than his first- and second-best swords: Excalibur II the most elusive of the game's ultimate weapons and Ragnarok. By contrast, getting Excalibur is a breeze once you've reached the last 4th disc note however that, as shown in the above Treno Auction House guide, several of the items can be bought prior to Disc 4. Here are the steps to take in order to get this rarity:. Why stop at just one Excalibur? Well, partially because the upgraded one can be a bit tricky to get!

If you want it, though, there's only one requirement to getting Steiner's perfect blade: make it past Lich before the game clock hits twelve hours. This is quite tough, of course, but depending on the player's penchant for tricks, one can do it by skipping FMVs on the PlayStation or PlayStation 2 only or by using the in-game enhancers in the mobile and Steam versions.

Or, of course, by just outright cheating. If you can get past Lich through whatever means under the wire, go look at the foot of the largest pillar to the right of the gate. You'll find it there and will probably never equip anything else on Steiner. After the battle at the Eidolon Wall in Madain Sari, most gamers never return to that area. However, if you do go back later, at a time where you can change party members, you can unearth a great deal of background information on Eidolons, Eiko, and especially Dagger.

First, return to Madain Sari with a party that includes Dagger or Amarant, and walk to where the fish was caught for dinner. You'll notice that Lani will be there, and will scamper away immediately. Return again with a party without Amarant or Dagger, and this time she'll stay to talk to you. Talk a couple times to learn why she's there, and she will let you know that there is relevant information inscribed at the Eidolon Wall. When returning to the Eidolon Wall, you can walk around in a loop and inspect the paintings of the Eidolons to learn more about them.

If you also walk in a specific pattern, a new message will appear. To do this, start at the entrance and walk in one direction the entire way around. When you get past the entrance again, you will hear a faint chiming sound. At this point, turn around and do the full loop in the other direction to hear another chime. Continue to do this, and you will eventually get a message that your HP, MP, and status have been restored. At this point, if you inspect Ifrit, you will see a message from Dagger's father to his wife and daughter.

It will include heretofore unknown information about Dagger.After the crew arrives in Lindblum and you have control of Zidane again follow the Minister out the bottom exit. This will instigate a long scene. After talking to Cid Zidane will decide to take lunch in the city. He meets up with an old friend, Freya. Zidane will wake up in the Business District. Go into the next room. Downstairs in the corner by the table is gil. You an also examine the bird statue here.

You can get a high potion and echo screen from the chests upstairs. Before entering search around the trees for a tent. Once inside climb the ladder at the front and go across the platform to find a Leather Plate. Next, go back to the square and take the right exit. Here are the town shops. From left to right are the synthesis shop, item shop, and weapons shop. You can pick up some Silver Gloves at the back of the synthesis shop.

When you get to this district proceed up the stairs. Around the rail to your left is a leather wrist. Behind the statue talk to Marolo. Now head up to the next area. To the left here is the Doom Pub where you met Freya earlier. Search outside for a Bronze Vest. Be aware that there are many card game players in this District. Be sure to play a game or two. Head out of the station and into the district.

ff9 discs

On this screen search in the bushes to find gil. Go down the stairs and into the door here. Welcome to the Tantalus hideout. Raid all the chests here for a good deal of gil.

After the scene with Lowell follow the giant moogle Lowell. Talk to him to get his autograph. Go to the fountain area where you were before boarding the elevator.

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Go up the stairs in this area. The room to the left is where you saw Dagger before. Get all the chests here for a glass armlet and an ether.

Talk to Mogki.Once the party leaves Lindblum on Disc 1, the world of chocobos opens up, and there's a lot to do. Not only can you ride your chocobo, Choco, around the world, you can use him to collect treasures worldwide on expedition!

You can even give him new abilities, including the ability to fly as he levels up! Completing all of the lengthy chocobo sidequests will unlock the chance to fight the game's superboss, Ozma. Are you looking to see a lot of this information packaged up nicely in map form? Check out our Chocobo Map! To get started in the Chocobo adventures, you're going to have to play a game known as Chocobo Hot and Cold.

Each Chocograph you dig up can lead you to a location on the land, in the sea, or in the sky in which you can dig up caches of excellent treasure. These treasures will include the aforementioned new abilities for Choco, but also some great items and equipment. Mene will tell you when you've tapped out all Chocographs in a given location. The game is pay to play, and in paying you'll get a minute to dig around to start in the area you and Choco are visiting.

To dig, wander the area and press the Square button. Each time you dig, Choco will respond with a "Kweh" sound - the more enthusiasic the sound, the closer you are to digging something up. When you hit the spot, you'll see a "Depth Meter" appear on screen, at which point you'll continue to hammer the Square button until the item rises to the top.

Deeper items take longer. When you first start out, you won't be able to dig all that quickly, and this is because of Choco's starter "Beak Level. There are three digging locations available over the course of the game, and each has a distinct set of attributes that impact the quality of your archeological experience:. All these points are leading to something, right? When you earn points by digging, you can trade them in with Mene for rewards.

The "shop" list never changes throughout the game, so only perserverance is needed to get everything. Once you have access to Dead Pepper s, when you get the Mountain ability you'll be looking for a use for them.

Sure, they can be used in battle, but that's not very interesting. The real fun is in using them in the oceans and the mountains to find more secrets. These weird item caches are found in remote areas. The following can be dug up by pointing Choco's beak toward a suspicious crack or line and using said pepper.

When in doubt of one's location, remember that all cracks are untraversable - if Choco's forced out of the way, there's probably one there. There are three that provide treasure:. On the Lost Continent, in the northwest area of 'Seatence Ice Field', look along the northern coast's mountain range. A east-facing side will have a weird criss-cross marking; use the pepper there.

Final Fantasy IX TAS in 7:37:12.28 by Lil_Gecko (Disc 3 of 4, with author's commentary)

Freya 's ultimate weapon can be dug up with a mountain chocobo, in a half-hidden crack near Oeilvert.Home Discussions Workshop Market Broadcasts. Change language. Install Steam. Store Page. Global Achievements. Nishan View Profile View Posts. The vile island lambs are inconsistent for me because of them putting viruses on me preventing certain characters from leveling up.

Are there any other good spots to prepare for ozma and the disc 4 bosses? Showing 1 - 11 of 11 comments.

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Grand Dragons spawn across the world. I forgot the exact locations but I think outside Daguerreo, the island where Chocobo's Lagoon is, and the field outside the vine in Gizamaluke's Grotto are some of them. They wield exp per character, and have roughly 13k HP. Originally posted by Eri :. Originally posted by Rydia :.

Final Fantasy IX

Ichisuke View Profile View Posts. You just have to enable everyone to be protected against sleep with Imsoniac ability, from back attacks with Alert and preemptive strike with Initiative.

They won't go to sleep at every attack but this is the easiest way to kill them. You can cast Odin or other death magic spells. Nadsergio View Profile View Posts.

ff9 discs

If you are absolutely sure you don't want to level up with the yans I would go for the grand dragons as well, but seriously yans are the best alternative, just plan your battles to get everyone a vaccine every time you need it before dealing the final blow. As above said, I would use Zidane's Soul Blade with Doom at least to kill all the Yans minus 1, get cured of the virus, and then attacking as well, note that all the exp the guy with virus don't get is received by the others.

Another advise is to level all your characters at the same time, that will make the virus a little less annoying.

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I can only imagine how it must be for the PS1 users with no speed up option This guy has of all stats and 65k health, my zidanes physical attacks that hit kuja for only do on this guy, apparently people can farm him for his 50 ability up ap and rosetta rings, but he always counter's with BAAH a super hard hitting physical aoe, so everyone has to have protect and be in the back row to survive, but what actual attacks hurt him, i figured out zidanes thievery can dealany other attacks?

Originally posted by Dr. Algernop Krieger :. Originally posted by Nishan92 :.


Dafx View Profile View Posts. Hello, For me the best spot is also Vile Island. In my method I am leveling per one character by using virus status wisely. Here is the strategy it is not mine - found it somewhere and derived a little bit 1. PROS: - By levelling per one character you get levels quite fast at lvl. You will take care for stat maxing equipment for only 1 character, other should be equipped with best possible armor, helmet etc.Treno Card Tournament.

After the opening scenes, you will have control of Vivi. Walk to the right. After the screen changes, you can watch an ATE. Eiko is impressed with the size of the castle. Have Vivi speak to Hippaul's mother on the left side of the screen, and agree to race against Hippaul. Winning will get you a card for every ten of Hippaul's levels.

The races will become more difficult as Hippaul's level increases. These are the prizes that can be won:. When you have had enough racing, go back to the left, and in the next screen, you can see another ATE. You can find Zidane in the pub, but he is feeling down and won't talk to you. Zenero, Benero, and Genero meet up again. Go to Doug's Item Shop and see if he has anything you need. In the square, there are a couple of ATE's available.

Stop in at the synthesis shop. A large number of items can be synthesized, and you should be able to afford some of them. Check the weapon shop next door for some new equipment, also. Before speaking to them, return to the bell tower and give Kupo the letter from Kuppo.

All About Chocobos

Kupo also has a letter from Mogrika that you can read. Speak to Artemicion and do another deal with Stiltzkin. If you had done this part on Disc 1, the rare cards would not have been there. When you're ready, save the game and return to the alley.

Agree to help the guys out, enter the mini-theater, and watch the scene. Dagger is having a stressful day. Tot gives her an Opala Topazand an Amethyst which were extracted by the queen.

Beatrix and Dagger have a heartfelt discussion, and Beatrix shows her loyalty. Eiko has plans of her own, and enlist's Dr. Tot's aid in writing a letter which will begin a very entertaining fiasco. Tot notices something interesting about Eiko, and it causes him to remember things about Dagger that he hadn't thought about in many years.

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You now control Eiko. Start toward the castle doors. An unexpected run-in with Baku will leave Eiko hanging. Having little choice, she entrusts her letter to Baku.

ff9 discs

Unfortunately, he gets into an argument down by the dock and drops the letter. Don't worry - someone will come across it soon. Back at the pub, Zidane's old pals try to cheer him up.


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